Revenue Disclosure

At SASSA Check Status, we are dedicated to providing you with a free and accessible platform to check your SASSA status conveniently. In order to sustain and continue offering this valuable service, we utilize Google AdSense as a source of revenue. This section outlines the role of Google AdSense in supporting our website and the reasons behind its implementation.

Why We Use Google AdSense:

Revenue Generation:

Google AdSense serves as a critical source of revenue for SASSA Check Status. The income generated from these advertisements plays a pivotal role in covering the costs associated with operating and maintaining the website.

Free Services:

We believe in offering the SASSA Status Check service free of charge to users. The revenue generated through Google AdSense helps us keep this service accessible to everyone without any financial burden.

Covering Operational Expenses:

Managing and maintaining a website involves various expenses, including web servers, domain name registrations, email checking teams, researchers, and developers. Google AdSense allows us to cover these operational costs, ensuring the continued availability and improvement of our services.

Transparency and Sustainability:

Costly Infrastructure:

To provide a reliable and efficient service, we invest in robust web servers and employ dedicated teams to manage and maintain our infrastructure. The revenue from Google AdSense supports these essential aspects of our operation.

Ongoing Development:

We continually strive to enhance and expand our services. The revenue generated through Google AdSense enables us to invest in ongoing development, ensuring that we can adapt to changing needs and provide the best possible user experience.

Your Understanding Matters:

Ad Relevance:

While we understand that advertisements may not be the primary reason you visit our site, the relevance of Google AdSense ads ensures that they align with your interests and browsing patterns.

Supporting Our Mission:

By allowing these ads, you directly contribute to our mission of providing a user-friendly and informative platform for checking SASSA status and empowering individuals with timely and accurate information.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of Google AdSense on our website, or if you’d like to provide feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to maintain the sustainability of SASSA Check Status and continue providing essential services to the community.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.


The SASSA Check Status Team