SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Date March 2024

SASSA Child Support Grant (CSG) delivers essential support to low-income families to raise their children with basic facilities. The grant provides a monthly stipend to those parents who are facing hardships while raising kids.

With the grant payment, parents can provide better food, healthcare, and education to their children. Apply for the SASSA Children’s grant today and raise your kid with a better lifestyle.

SASSA Children grant Grant Payment Dates

Check the SASSA Child Support grant payment date for March 2024 and go to the cash pick locations to get your grant money.

How to Check SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Status?

The only way to check your SASS Child Support grant payment status is to utilize the SASSA SRD status check tool. Visit the tool page and enter your ID number to get your application status online.

SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Date March 2024

Check the SASSA grant payment dates for 2024. The payment date for the Child Support grant is 07/03/2024.

The payment will be made on this day. You need to get your South African ID card and visit the cash points to get the grant funds.

How SASSA Child Support Grant is Helping Parents with Low Income?

Every parent wants to raise their child with all the facilities like health care, quality education, and healthy food. However, when resources or salaries are low, then fulfilling these needs becomes a dream.

SASSA is here to cater to these kids and parents. Now parents with low income can apply for the Child Support grant and get a monthly stipend to help raise their children with a quality lifestyle.

This monthly grant helps cover essential expenses such as food, clothing, and school supplies, alleviating some of the financial strain on struggling families.

By ensuring that every child receives adequate nutrition and education, the grant is helping to break the cycle of poverty. Additionally, the CSG empowers parents by reducing economic stress, allowing them to focus on improving their overall household stability and well-being.

How to Apply for the SASSA Children’s Grant?

To apply for the SASSA Children’s grant, one has to visit the SASSA office. However, if the applicant is ill or disabled, he/she can send someone else on their behalf.

  1. Open the Google Maps on your phone and search “SASSA Office near me” on Google Maps.
  2. Find the nearest SASSA office and plan a visit during working hours.
  3. Once you visit the office, meet with a SASSA officer and ask him for the Children’s Grant application form.
  4. Fill out the form in the appearance of the SASSA officer.
  5. Attach the attested copies of documents like the birth certificate of the child, your marriage certificate, or divorce order which one is applicable.
  6. Submit the application form and get a SASSA attested receipt.

How to Check SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Date?

SASSA grant beneficiaries can check their grant payment dates on the SASSA website. However, the official site goes down most of the time and that is why we have added the SASSA status and payment date checker tool on this website.

  1. Go to the SASSA payment status checker tool page.
  2. Enter your South African ID number.
  3. Enter your SASSA reference number.
  4. Check your payment date for the Child Support grant.

Check Grant Payment Dates on WhatsApp

Users are also allowed to check their payment dates on WhatsApp.

  1. Open the phone dialer.
  2. Dial 0600 123 456 this number and save it to your contacts.
  3. Now open WhatsApp and start a conversation with this number.
  4. Send a message “Grant Payment Date” space “your SA ID”.
  5. Send the message and wait for the payment date.

Check Payday Via SMS

Another way is to check your phone to get the payday date.

  1. Open your phone’s SMS section.
  2. Check if there is any SMS from SASSA.
  3. Check the payday date.


What are the SASSA pay dates for the 2024 child grant?

The payment dates for the 2024 Child Grant are listed on this website. Please visit the payment dates section to get all the payday dates.

What days does the SASSA child grant come out?

The SASSA child grant will come out every month until March 2025.

How to check the SASSA children’s grant balance?

To check the SASSA children’s grant balance, you need to visit the SASSA status checker tool. Enter your grant details and check your grant balance.

How much is the SASSA child grant now?

The grant payment is R530 per month per child. You will also get a top-up of R260 along with the grant.

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