SASSA Disability Grant

SASSA takes care of all the vulnerable citizens who are disabled and can not earn due to their disability. Here comes the SASSA Disability grant that supports those who do not have any source of income. No matter if the disability is physical or mental, SASSA will award you with a monthly payment stipend if you are eligible.

SASSA Disability Grant

Requirements to Apply for the SASSA Disability Grant

Comply with all the SASSA Disability grant requirements.

  • The applicant must be a South African national, asylum seeker, or refugee to qualify.
  • To receive the grant payment, the applicant has to live in South Africa.
  • The eligible age for this grant is 19 to 59 years old.
  • Can not receive other grants from SASSA.
  • Applicant must own a South African ID document.
  • The applicant will be rejected if find out that already receiving care and pension from the institution’s healthcare centers.
  • You and your spouse should pass the means test.
  • Your disability should be severe and stop you from working for at least 6 months or more.
  • You have to provide a government-approved medical report that proves your disability.
  • If you are single then your monthly earnings should not exceed R7190/month.
  • Married people should not earn more than R14 360/month.

What Are the SASSA Means Test Requirements for Disability Grant?

To qualify for a SASSA Disability Grant, applicants must meet specific means test requirements. This test evaluates the income and assets of the individual and their spouse, if applicable, to determine eligibility.

Here are the latest 2024 means test requirements:

Income Threshold:

  • Single applicants should not be earning more than R96840 per year.
  • Married applicants should not exceed R193,680 per year as a combined monthly income.

Assets Threshold:

  • If you are single then you should not have assets of more than R1 372,800.
  • You and your spouse’s combined assets should be lower than R2 745600.

SASSA Disability Grant Application Procedure

Applying for a SASSA Disability Grant involves several steps to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements and submit the necessary documentation. Follow the detailed procedure below to apply:

Medical Examination:

  • First, schedule and undergo a medical examination with a government-appointed doctor. This examination is important as the doctor’s medical report will form part of your application.

Visit the SASSA Office:

  • Go to your nearest SASSA office. When visiting in person, it is important to collect and submit the necessary forms.

Collect the Application Form:

  • At the SASSA office, request the Disability Grant application form. The form is free of charge; no fees are involved in obtaining it.

Fill Out the Form:

  • Complete the application form with accurate and truthful information. It is recommended that you fill out the form within the SASSA office to ensure you can ask for assistance if needed.

Attach Required Documents:

  • Attach the following documents to your completed application form:
    • The medical report from the government-appointed doctor.
    • A certified copy of your ID document (South African ID card or birth certificate).

Submit the Application:

  • Hand over the completed application form and the attached documents to the SASSA officials at the office. Make sure to do this personally.

Receive a Stamped Receipt:

  • Once you submit your application, the SASSA official will provide a stamped receipt. This receipt is proof that you have submitted your application and should be kept safe for your records.

Documents for the SASSA Disability Grant Application

You must prepare all these documents to make sure your application will not be rejected.


  • South African 13-digit barcoded ID card (ID book)

Alternatives if you don’t have an ID book:

  • Sworn Statement: A sworn statement signed by a reputable individual (such as a councillor, social worker, religious leader, or school principal) to verify your identity and age.
  • Affidavit: A completed SASSA affidavit form, signed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths (excluding SASSA officials).

Medical Documentation:

  • Medical Report & Functional Assessment: A recent medical report (not older than 3 months) from a SASSA-approved medical practitioner, confirming your disability and its impact on your daily life.

Proof of Residence:

  • Lease agreement, utility bill (water, electricity), bank statement, or any official document showing your current address.

Financial Information (if applicable):

  • Proof of Income: Payslips, bank statements, or any document verifying income from sources like pensions, investments, or dividends.
  • Proof of Assets: Documents showing the value of any property or assets you own.
  • Bank Statements: For the past 3 months, if you have a bank account.

Additional Documents (if applicable):

  • Proof of Marital Status: Marriage certificate, divorce decree, or death certificate (if married, divorced, or widowed).
  • Refugee Documents: Refugee status permit and 13-digit refugee ID (if applicable).
  • Unemployment Insurance: UIF document (blue book) or discharge certificate from your previous employer (if applicable).
  • Deceased Spouse Information: A copy of the will and the first and final liquidation and distribution accounts (if your spouse died within the last five years).

Processing Time for Disability Grant

SASSA has 90 days for the Disability grant application result announcement. During this period, applicants will get all the updates of their grant applications. Once your application has reached at a result, you will get an email and SMS from SASSA about the status of your application.

What is the Payment of Disability Grant?

The current payment date for Disability grant is R2 180 per person per month.

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