SASSA Older Persons Grant Payment Date for May 2024

Check SASSA Older Persons grant payment date for May 2024 and get your grant money on time. The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has introduced the Older Persons grant for those who can not earn due to their elderly. If you are older than 60 years and unable to work for a living then apply for the SASSA Old Age Pension grant today.

SASSA Older Persons Grant Payment Dates

SASSA has eight social grants and each of them provides a social relief to the citizens. SASSA applicants can navigate to the SASSA status check website to get their grant application status.

SASSA Grant Payment Dates for 2024/2025

Users are advised to check the SASSA grants payment dates for 2024 and 2025 on our website. We have added all the grant payment dates for 2024 and 2025. The complete payday schedule is announced by SASSA and we have added all the payday dates.

About SASSA Older Persons Grant (Old Age Pension)

SASSA is taking care of all the senior citizens who are facing hardships due to their old age. All the citizens who are older than 60 years and are disabled and can not work are invited to get this grant.

Not only this, if your age is older than 75 years then you will get additional grant payment. This payment was known as the SASSA pension grant but is now named as the Older Persons grant.

The grant payment is R2 180 per month for those who are older than 60 years but younger than 74 years. Those who are older than 75 years will get R2 200 per month.

SASSA Older Persons Grant Payment Date for May 2024

SASSA Older Persons grant payment date for May 2024 is 03/05/2024. On this date, beneficiaries can visit the payment collection points like Shoprite and get their grant money.

If you haven’t checked your SASSA status online then check it right now to get your grant application status. This will let you know if your application is approved and what is your payday for the payment.

The applicants must keep updated with their grant payment dates so they never miss grant cash. Also, the official SASSA website provides the SASSA payment dates for 2024 and 2025 as well.

How to Check the Status of the SASSA Old Age Pension Grant?

Recipients of SASSA grants are allowed to check their gran status on the official SASSA website. In this process, the recipient can check if SASSA has approved the grant application for 2024.

  1. Open the SASSA service portal.
  2. Click on the “Grant Application Status” button.
  3. Now choose your preferred grant like “Old Age Pension”.
  4. Enter your SA ID and phone number.
  5. Enter your grant application ID.
  6. Now check the grant status.

How to Collect the Older Persons Grant Money on Payday?

On the grant payday, recipients have to visit their ATM or cash pick centers. If you are a user of SASSA debit card then you need to visit your bank on the grant payday.

However, if you do not use a bank account to get your grant payment then you need to visit the grant money centers like Pick n Pay with your ID card.

Recipients have to follow these steps:

  1. If you are a debit card holder then visit the SASSA-associated bank.
  2. Now enter the ATM.
  3. Insert your SASSA card.
  4. Provide your PIN.
  5. Check your Old Age Pension grant amount.
  6. Withdraw the cash and that’s it.

SASSA Older Persons Grant Is Approved But No Payment Date?

There is a very common glitch from SASSA that is about the payment date. In this issue, the recipient gets the SASSA grant application approval but no payment date. Many applicants became worried when they got this issue. However, there is no need to worry because SASSA will announce your payment date soon.

Most of the time, recipients will get the grant payment date in 7 working days. So you just need to wait for a while and then you can collect your SASSA payments.

How to Know If My Old Age Pension Grant is Approved for May 2024?

You will only get to know if your Old Age Pension grant is approved or not when you check your SASSA status.

During the status check, the applicants will get the following status:

  • Status Pending: This status means your application is pending for the current month. You are required to wait and see if you qualify for the grant money.
  • Status Declined: SASSA made a decision to decline your grant. You will not get the grant cash.
  • Status Failed: You need to verify your grant application as there is a typo or mistake in your identity documents.


What is the SASSA older persons grant?

The SASSA Older Persons grant is an income support program by SASSA. It is designed to support individuals who are older than 60 years and can not work to earn.

What is the old age pension for May 2024?

The grant payment for May 2024 is R2 180 per month and R2 200 per month.

How to get my grant payday?

You can get your grant payday on the official SASSA web portal.


It is the time to alleviate poverty in South Africa. We all are united to fight corruption and poverty. That is why SASSA was introduced to reduce unemployment and poverty in the country. All the persons who are older than 60 and can not work can get a pension from the SASSA.

Just apply for the grant and check your payment dates and status on this website. I hope this article will help you to get your Older Persons grant payday. Thanks for coming.

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